2-sport star brings intensity to both

Q&A SEAN PRICE Severna Park, lacrosse

May 07, 2008

Junior Sean Price is one of the county's top midfielders and one of the main reasons Severna Park (12-2 overall, 10-1 in county league) finished first in the county during the regular season and played in last night's Anne Arundel County championship game.

In the fall, Price was an All-County and second-team All-Metro linebacker for the Falcons, and The Sun's county Defensive Player of the Year. His aggressive play in football carries over to the lacrosse field, where he has emerged as one of the team leaders for coach Larry Kramer.

Price hopes to lead the Falcons to a third consecutive 4A-3A state title in lacrosse. He has a 3.3 grade point average and scored 1,570 on the SAT. Army, Maryland, Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt have shown interest in him for football. In lacrosse, the teams interested in Price are Army, Navy, Towson, Bucknell and Syracuse.

You love the physical side of lacrosse and football, don't you?

Yes. I'm a very competitive person, whether I'm playing in high school or basketball with friends or in a pickup football game.

With the graduation of several key players from last year's state championship team, as a junior and two-year starter, have you stepped up as a leader?

Me and some other teammates have had to step up this year and be leaders to the younger players.

Would it be a big disappointment not to win another state title in lacrosse?

Absolutely. We're focused on winning a third in a row, which is something not too many schools have ever done in lacrosse.

How is the team playing going into the postseason?

We're playing well, picking up our intensity as a team. Hard-working and hustle every play, every ground ball. We're focused on winning another state championship.

What are some of your favorite moments in lacrosse?

Beating Bullis (4-1) and Gonzaga (12-7) in our spring tournament this year was very good because those teams are very good private schools. And playing DeMatha as close as we did [the Falcons lost, 9-5] was a very successful game. It's a shame it could not have been a little bit different. And, of course, the two state championship wins were big.

Do you do any superstitions before a game?

I try to wear the same shirt and socks I wore the previous game for good luck.

What kind of music do you like?

I'm kind of like a here-and-there guy. Sometimes I like rap, and other times I like classic rock and stuff like that.

Do you hear the crowd out on the field during a game?

No, I pretty much wipe them out. Sometimes during timeouts you hear little chants, and sometimes they can be funny, and other times they're not.

You have another year of high school. Have you thought about what your major will be in college?

I'm pretty good in math, so, maybe something in business or accounting.

Pat O'Malley

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