Baltimore Co. Council OKs waterfront zoning limit

May 06, 2008|By Brent Jones

The Baltimore County Council unanimously passed legislation last night to remove residential zoning from properties that are designated in the future as marinas or boatyards in the Bowleys Quarters and Lower Back River neck areas.

The bill also blocks residential components in "planned unit developments" on properties rezoned for marinas or boatyards in those areas. The law will go into effect in August.

Councilman Joseph Bartenfelder introduced the bill, which some residents say does not go far enough in limiting future development. Several members of the Bowleys Quarters Community Association addressed the council about what they say is a potential loophole in the bill that could allow for some properties to become densely populated.

"If they had just put more caveats into this bill we'd be fine," Janet Walper said after the legislation was approved.

The measure does not apply to existing boatyards and marinas, including a Galloway Creek Marina condominium project approved last year as a planned unit development.

Michael Vivirito, president of Bowleys Quarters Improvement Association, praised the council's decision, which he says is beneficial for both the residents and the business owners his organization represents.

"We try to make it fair to the entire community," Vivirito said.

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