Adult beverage

Judging by bar tab, victorious Chelsea drinks in more than sight of Jameson


In England, they call soccer football. And it seems some of those guys are even partying like American football players.

According to a report in London's Sun, after Chelsea scored a win over Liverpool last week to reach the Champions League final, players headed to a club where they ended up celebrating in high style - including hanging out with porn star Jenna Jameson.

The Sun wrote: "Jenna moved her table right next to the Chelsea stars and wowed them with her raunchy dancing, as they continued to rack up their hefty bar bill, which ended up at an estimated 10,000 pounds [about $20,000]."

Though that certainly is impressive enough, there are no reports of large sums of cash being tossed into the air and no arrests. Clearly, these Brits have much to learn about football.

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Can't win for losing

Though Orioles fans likely are feeling more optimistic these days that the ship has finally been turned in the right direction (and isn't headed toward an iceberg), along comes to remind everyone of how bad it has been around here, baseball-wise.

In a piece by Jonah Keri, the Orioles are included with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Rays, Kansas City Royals and Washington Nationals as the majors' "failure dynasties."

Listed among the Orioles' five biggest mistakes are some sadly familiar memories: firing Davey Johnson; signing Albert Belle; hiring Syd Thrift, Jim Beattie and Mike Flanagan as executives; getting Sammy Sosa; and basically existing during 2005.

And, according to, the Orioles next can expect a winning season in 2012, a wait that supposedly will be matched only by the Nationals'.

Mr. Flip merely is passing this along and doesn't necessarily agree. Hey, maybe the Nats won't be winners until 2013.

Where's my Atari?

Over at CBS Sports, Ben Heller lists the 10 worst-selling sports video games of all time. Here are a few of them:

Lance Armstrong's 10 Speeds of Fury: "Sports gamers didn't really want to spend hours in front of the TV staring at a sea of virtual Spandex butts."

World Championship Bridge: "Nobody under the age of 50 plays bridge. Nobody over the age of 50 plays video games. You do the math."

XFL Xtreme: "Nobody thought it was fun to try to break a nonexistent rushing record with `He Hate Me.'"

Radical Racquetball: "People play sports video games to step into the shoes of their idols - not some investment banker on his lunch break."

Prefontaine: The Game: "Running is boring enough when you're actually doing it."

Compiled from wire and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who is boring enough - period.

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