Where you've seen him

May 02, 2008

When director Jon Favreau isn't calling the shots on his own movies, you can find him in front of the camera as a character actor.

Swingers (1996). In his big break, Favreau starred as a lovelorn schlub who gets schooled by his gregarious friend (Vince Vaughn) on the swinging singles scene.

Friends (1997). Favreau showed up on the hit series as a rich guy who braved the Ultimate Fighting Octagon to impress Monica.

Daredevil (2003). In his other foray into comic-book movies, Favreau played the blind superhero's law partner, Foggy Nelson.

The Break-Up (2006). Again Favreau is cast as Vince Vaughn's buddy, but this time it's Favreau giving the advice.

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