Accolades due for two teachers


April 27, 2008

It is ironic that while Harford County winnows their "teacher-of-the-year" choices down to 10 or so, you write an article about two teachers who represent the absolute gold standard for teachers.

Tom Berg and Ginny Huller have brought their A-game to school day after day, month after month, year after year. They show up every day and give it all they've got.

They are like Cal Ripken or John Unitas: they have done it so well for so long that you take them for granted.

Neither one of them has ever sought the limelight. But they shine brightly in the reflected glow of the enormous number of successful students that they have taught.

Three of those successful students are our children.

Your excellent article gives us the perfect opportunity to thank them publicly for devoting their professional lives to increasing the opportunities for success in life for countless kids in Northern Harford County.

Neil and Carol Helfrich Pylesville

Editors note: Huller and Berg have been producing student plays with their eighth-grade classes for 30 years at North Harford Middle School. "Our Town," which played April 18, was their last collaboration.

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