Place your `Pacman' bets

Bill's Rant

April 25, 2008|By BILL ORDINE

No sooner had the trade of cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones to the Dallas Cowboys been announced than, an Internet gambling site, posted odds on the Pacster's NFL future.

For instance, there are odds on the chances that Jones will be reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. If one believes that Jones will get a green light to play, the odds are minus-250, meaning (in theory, naturally) you have to wager $250 to win $100.

Assuming Jones starts the season on the active roster, the over-under on his interceptions is 3 1/2 .

And, of course, there are odds on his penchant for visiting strip clubs.

Odds of an initial "publicized report" that Jones will hit a strip club are posted for each month this summer. The odds that such word will come sometime during the NFL season (September to January) are 3-2.

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