Paradise found at inviting Island Quizine


Dining For $25 Or Less

April 17, 2008|By Karen Nitkin | Karen Nitkin,Special to The Sun

I've rarely felt more welcomed at a restaurant than during my recent experience at Island Quizine. Seeing that we were chilly, our charming waitress hurried to us as soon as we sat down and asked if we would like a bowl of seafood chowder to warm us up while we decided what to order. It arrived on our table in a matter of seconds. Then, when we asked which was better, the jerk chicken or the stewed chicken, she brought out steaming hot samples of both, so we could decide. (We wound up ordering both.)

The cozy and colorful restaurant gives off the vibe that it is being run by an especially loving and cheerful family. The chef occasionally popped out of the kitchen to express his opinions about the political scene, while our waitress shared her insights about parenting. Yet we never felt intruded upon.

-- Poor:]

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