High school swimming championships

April 16, 2008

Team results

1. Atholton 767

2. Wilde Lake 675

3. Centennial 560

4. River Hill 524

5. Reservoir 419

6. Howard 363

7. Hammond 353

8. Marriotts Ridge 340

9. (tie) Glenelg and Oakland Mills 303

11. Mount Hebron 223

12. Long Reach 163

Top scorers

Here are the top scorers from each high school:

Atholton :

Brittany Radcliffe; Preston Wolter


Sarah Hall; Zacharius Stone


DoRonne Schyu; Nick Sharp


Shannon Nabors; Matt Kennedy


Caitlyn Fuller; Kevin Ford

Long Reach:

Kelsey Smith; Stephen Lagow

Marriotts Ridge:

Jillian Fader; Daniel Kim

Mount Hebron:

Nicole Vleck; Preston Donovan

Oakland Mills:

Chelsea Feezel; Nour Saad


Liz Pflaum; Nathan Brocenos

River Hill:

Sam Gelb; Brooks Gabel

Wilde Lake:

Kelsey Brosi; Michael Lazris

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