Fancy fly tiers take note: These lures Ph.D.-approved

Gear Box

April 06, 2008|By CANDUS THOMSON

If a lump of glue stuck to a hook could catch fish, I'd be a millionaire fly tier. But it can't, and I'm not.

Aaron J. Adams, a tarpon and bonefish researcher, has written a book to teach nimble tiers how to create flies that mimic saltwater prey. Fly Fisherman's Guide to Saltwater Prey ($22; 224 pages; Stackpole Books) contains more than 450 color photos of flies and prey from crabs to baitfish.

Adams grew up in these parts, graduated from St. Mary's College and now works at the Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida. With his doctorate in environmental biology and his passion for the nuts and bolts of fishing, Adams has assembled a terrific reference book for fly tiers who want to break away from generic patterns and avid anglers who want to know more about habitat and habits.

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