Escapism runs on empty

Review C-

April 04, 2008|By Michael Sragow | Michael Sragow,Sun movie critic

Is Jodie Foster psyching herself up to play the Cowardly Lioness? Why else would she follow her role in The Brave One as a fearful New Yorker who becomes a vigilante with a phobic San Franciscan who becomes a woman of adventure in Nim's Island?

Foster may be working out some personal dilemmas with these forays into the bold and the timid, but not, I think, any artistic issues. The escapist comedy in Nim's Island is as coarse and cheap as the vengeance drama in The Brave One. Her character typifies everything that goes off course in this all-over-the-map movie.

Nim's Island (Fox Walden) Starring Jodie Foster, Abigail Breslin, Gerard Butler. Directed by Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett. Rated PG for brief strong language. Time 95 minutes.


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