Blessed are these, um ...

Bill's Rant

April 02, 2008|By BILL ORDINE

I've been trying to figure out a sensitive and tasteful way to comment on the following story, but it's nearly impossible.

In Philadelphia on Monday, three clergymen of various denominations showed up for ecumenical pre-game ceremonies to bless the baseballs that the Phillies would use on Opening Day.

Of course, you can imagine what assorted headlines said about the event ... just put bless and balls together and you should get the idea.

I did some Web surfing and found references to all sorts of blessings ... of fleets, of animals, even of bicycles. I couldn't find any that referred to balls.

Besides the obviously juvenile humor some crass folks might find here, what's really funny is that all this blessing was done in front of a statue of Mike Schmidt, who in his playing days was the object of so many Phillies fans' curses.

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