'Skins back to square one

Bill's Rant

January 29, 2008|By BILL ORDINE

Whatever the Washington Redskins had accomplished in rebuilding their franchise under Joe Gibbs, well, it's just about all undone.

Daniel Snyder is firmly back in charge.

Any continuity from the team's late-season playoff run was shattered with the resignation of Gibbs and the equally surprising firing of coordinators Gregg Williams (defense) and Al Saunders (offense).

The coaching search has been weird from the beginning. Even before hiring a head coach, Snyder has promoted a defensive coordinator from within the organization (Greg Blache) and brought in an offensive coordinator from outside (Jim Zorn).

If those happen to be the choices of candidate Jim Fassel, as it has been reported, and if Fassel gets the job, fine. But if someone else winds up as head coach, he's stuck with Blache and Zorn.

The rest of the NFC East must be loving it.

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