A Drink with Denise Whiting

January 27, 2008



Restaurant owner Denise Whiting, 48, opened Hampden's best-known eatery, Cafe Hon, 16 years ago. About five years ago, she opened Hon Bar next door. Whiting is single and lives in Baltimore's Kernewood neighborhood. Her son, Thomas, 21, is a student at Mount St. Mary's University.

Do you ever get tired of pink feathers and flamingos?

Never, ever, ever. I'm always looking for the next variation on the theme. I'll probably be buried in a coffin filled with hot pink feathers.

When you need to make yourself feel comfy, what do you do?

I go to Rehoboth, and I have Thrashers french fries. And frozen custard from Kohr's. That's what [I do] if I want to pamper myself, ... and then I'll sit there and watch the waves crash on the beach.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I've studied natural medicine for 25 years. And I practice homeopathy. And I'm very concerned about the way food affects our health. I'm not sure that's something people think about. ... I think people don't realize how conscientious I am about what comes in the [restaurant's] back door, food-wise.


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