Mr. Flip's Rants

Steroid story has fresh legs

December 31, 2007

Even if anyone thought talk of steroids was going to go away by the start of next baseball season, now comes news that Jose Canseco is coming out with a second book sure to be filled with accusations of performance-enhancing drug use.

Unlike the Mitchell Report, Canseco's book probably won't use much ink on the likes of F.P. Santangelo. Canseco certainly will point a syringe at some of the game's All-Stars, thus starting a new round of media 'roid rage.

Mr. Flip isn't quite sure what the Mitchell Report was supposed to accomplish, but it seems to have kept this issue alive much more than putting it to rest. The issue might hibernate for a while, but it won't be going away anytime soon. The Mitchell Report didn't close the door one bit. No, the door is more open than ever, and Canseco and who knows who else will keep on walking through.

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