Total Recall

December 31, 2007|By Rob Hiaasen | Rob Hiaasen,Sun Reporter

It's that time of year - the end of the year - for The Sun's annual "News Quiz."

Once again, we give you 25 chances to test your knowledge of current and curious events from the past year. We labored for hours culling tidbits from the pages of our newspaper to give you the finest 2007 quiz for your media dollar.

So, cast your memory back a year to when the Baltimore Ravens made the playoffs. The year was 2007. The month was:


1. The Indianapolis Colts beat the Ravens 15-6 in a game in which:

a. Peyton Manning scored a touchdown.

b. Media played up the fact that the Colts left Baltimore 23 years ago.

c. Steve McNair did not throw an interception on the 1-yard line.

d. Indianapolis' Adam Vinatieri did not kick five field goals.

2. Apple unveils the iPhone, which allows users to perform all but what function?

a. Listen to music.

b. Watch videos.

c. Surf the Web.

d. Perform Lasik surgery.


3. True or False:

Baltimore's Senator Theatre avoids foreclosure when owner Tom Kiefaber raises nearly $110,000 after promising to stop introducing movies.

4. Baltimore's Health Department proposes limiting residents to owning 50 of which animal?

a. Pigeons.

b. Pit bulls.

c. Menhaden.

d. Alpacas.


5. Phi Kappa Psi is among the last of the John Hopkins' Greeks with a true fraternity house. In Tuscany-Canterbury, neighborhood association president Carl Hyman tells The Sun:

a. "As of this moment, they're on DOUBLE secret probation."

b. "Who dropped a whole truckload of fizzies into the swim meet? Who delivered the medical school cadavers to the alumni dinner?"

c. "The time has come for someone to put his foot down. And that foot is me."

d. "This ... will be the last of them."

6. The Naval Academy investigates allegations that midshipmen harassed women on a Caribbean cruise, earning themselves what nickname by their e-mail accuser?

a. "The Sunshine Boys."

b. "The Speedo Boys."

c. "The drunken, woman-groping, cowboy-hat-wearing Boys."

d. "The Boys-Will-Be-Boys Boys."


7. The Orioles complete a three-game sweep of Toronto and are four games over .500. Manager Sam Perlozzo tells reporters:

a. "You try to ride it as long as you can because you know you're going to run into some rough spots."

b. "You try to ride it as long as you can because you know, as manager, you won't last the season."

c. "And to think we still could lose 93 games this year."

8. The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards claims he snorted some of his father's ashes along with:

a. "Brown sugar."

b. "A whole lot of wine."

c. "A little bit of blow."

d. "Profound regret in the morning."


9. Hard-charging Curlin holds off Kentucky Derby winner Street Sense in a Preakness to be remembered for:

a. "Photo finish" replaced by "HDTV finish."

b. "The Running of the Urinals" - infield revelers run atop urinals as they are beaned with beer cans.

c. Record crowd of 121,263 - all of whom will visit the track daily until next year's Preakness.

d. "Old Hilltop Half-Time Show" featured Incubus and AC/DC.

10. True or False:

Gov. Martin O'Malley signs into Maryland law one of the nation's most restrictive bans on Irish music in bars and restaurants.


11. A survey finds 83 percent of adults polled support a ban on driving while text messaging. Those opposing a ban favor:

a. Driving blindfolded.

b. DWA (Driving While Asleep).

c. Driving while shaving or performing other personal grooming chores.

d. All of the above.

e. None of the above.

12. Anne Arundel County police say they have to wear long sleeves, pants or turtlenecks in hot weather to comply with a requirement to cover their:

a. Arms, legs and turtlenecks.

b. Beachwear.

c. Tattoos.

d. All of the above.


13. After six days, Rhonda Fish and Brian Davis of White Marsh are reunited with their missing Yorkshire terrier, Reilly. Who did not help in the search?

a. Private investigators.

b. Pet trackers.

c. A helicopter pilot.

d. A psychic named Beverly.

e. A vacationing Reilly.

14. What is the name of J.K. Rowling's final Harry Potter book?

a. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

b. Harry Potter and the Deathly Breath.

c. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

d. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce.


15. The average math SAT score in Maryland - 502 - is 13 points below the national average. 502 plus 13 is:

a. 50213.

b. 489.

c. 515.

d. Cannot be determined.

16. On Dave Trembley's first day as the Orioles' permanent manager, Texas beat Baltimore 30-3. Name the last professional baseball team to score 30 runs:

a. The Chicago Colts.

b. The Boston Beaneaters.

c. The Louisville Colonels.

d. The New York Highlanders.

e. The St. Louis Perfectos.


17. Hand washing is on the decline, according to a recent study. Proper hand-washing technique should include:

a. Wetting your hands with clean running water and applying Barney the Dinosaur soap.

b. Rubbing hands for 20 seconds or the time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday."

c. Rubbing hands for seven minutes and four seconds or the time it takes to sing "Hey Jude."

d. Never singing in public restrooms.

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