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December 30, 2007|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman | Michelle Deal-Zimmerman,Sun Reporter

The beauty of travel is more than the experience; it's also the memories.P We shape our recollections by telling stories, writing postcards or letters and sharing photographs.P In 2007, hundreds of readers shared their Best Shots from their journeys around the globe: from Peru to Antarctica, New England to Mexico, and destinations in between.P Through their stories, we jumped off a dock; we cheered at a bullfight; we sailed on a ship; we marveled at a crab -- we traveled far from where we are.P Here are some of our memories of the Best Shots of 2007.


Walking through the old town neighborhood of Tangier, Morocco, near the kasbah, I was bombarded by a swarm of street peddlers trying to sell bracelets, cotton frocks and stacks of fezzes. This is not an uncommon practice because tourism is a leading source of income. After moving on, I turned around to see three young girls, hand-in-hand, walking home from school. Tourists are not strangers to them as they weave through the crowded cobbled streets.

Simone Chen, Baltimore


While in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong on business, I walked to the harbor to enjoy the evening sea breeze. To my surprise, I spied a beautiful glowing red sailing "junk" -- not so different from those that have plied these waters for 1,000 years -- gliding past. The abstract image of this 150-year-old boat, the Duk Ling (clever duck in Cantonese), set against the shimmering backdrop of skyscrapers, is a fitting portrait of this amazing city.

Jonathan Weiner, Monkton


I took this photo in October while on vacation with my wife in Spain. We attended a bullfight in an ancient stadium in Seville, where the crowd was cheering to award the matador the ear of the bull for his performance.

Dale P. Kelberman, Annapolis


This photograph was taken in July on the Galapagos Islands (Bartolome, to be exact) off of the coast of Ecuador. Three of my girlfriends and I spent four days touring these islands. I was amazed to see the brilliant colors of these Galapagos crabs sprinkle the black lava terrain and beaches. They can't be missed; they are the most colorful creatures. It was as if an artist had taken his paintbrush with this crab as his canvas. It was truly a walking piece of art.

Kendal Orenstein, Laurel


Last March, I joined my sister on a two-day hike in the Andes to Machu Picchu, Peru. We could not help but feel the same awe and respect its 500 inhabitants must have had for this sacred place. After my visit, I voted for Machu Picchu ("old mountain") to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and it received this title July 7.

Caroline Mooser, Baltimore


This picture was taken Sept. 11, 2006, as I walked into the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii. Patriotism, both emotional and proud, was everywhere. On the return to shore, the boat stopped at the moment the first plane struck New York's twin towers for a minute of silence, fulfilling a day of remembrance.

Kathy Bennett, Glen Burnie


In August, my family and I traveled to Maine, the state where I grew up, to visit the home of a friend who lives on Long Island, one of a series of islands near Portland in Casco Bay. At high tide, it is fun to jump from the upper part of this dock into the frigid waters. This is a picture of my daughter, Kelsey, jumping in. In the background is Hope Island, and beyond that Cliff Island, and the water is Luckse Sound. I thought this picture captured the essence of what I remember summers to be.

Dan Lessard, Chestertown


Last October, my wife, Wendy, and I traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, in celebration of her birthday. We stayed at a wonderful boutique hotel about a block from the famed Blue Mosque. On her birthday, we met friends on the rooftop terrace for appetizers and wine before going out for a celebration dinner. As the evening progressed, we had the good fortune to witness a full moon rise behind the mosque.

Dan Magus, Baltimore


On a trip to California last May, we visited Mission Dolores, the oldest intact building in San Francisco and the northernmost of Junipero Serra's Camino Real missions. The larger Basilica next door had these banners that went from the choir loft all the way to the front of the church and up the rotunda -- like the path to heaven.

Ted Ringger, Columbia


Last February, I visited Venice, Italy, where I saw these gondolas all lined up early in the morning waiting to take visitors for a ride on the Grand Canal. The cathedral in the background was visible in the early morning haze. The gondola ride I took later in the day was a wonderful experience.

Mary Gerold Mobley, Baltimore


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