Cage's character turns in the wrong direction

December 30, 2007|By Kevin Eck

Some thoughts on Thursday night's TNA Impact:

The best reason to watch TNA continues to be Christian Cage, but his babyface turn - if indeed that's what this is supposed to be - continues to suffer from bad booking.

Doing a slow, gradual turn is fine in some instances, but once Kurt Angle and his henchmen jumped Cage and laid him out - which happened three weeks ago - then Cage should have become a full-fledged babyface. The way the show is being written, it's hard to tell whether Cage is supposed to be a good guy or a bad guy. The only reason that I know that he's still a heel is because it says "heel" next to his name on the TNA script for next week's show that was leaked on the Internet.

It's OK for Cage to be a lone wolf, and he doesn't have to suddenly become soft-spoken and humble and shake hands with all the other babyfaces, but this story line would be more effective if the fans were cheering Cage and jeering Angle rather than jeering both of them. If anything, Cage's promo on Thursday night's show seemed to turn A.J. Styles babyface.

Comedy definitely has a place in wrestling, but TNA goes a little overboard. Angle, Cage and Styles all have good comedic timing, but there's too much funny business in their angle, and funny business won't sell pay-per-views. ...

Jim Cornette and Brother Ray had an outstanding verbal confrontation in Cornette's office. They are two of the best at delivering intense promos. The segment would have been perfect had it ended when Team 3-D tried to get physical and Matt Morgan stepped in. Of course, after Team 3-D left, Cornette and Morgan started arguing, which ruined it.

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