The Week That Was

December 30, 2007

The higher cost of trash

Area governments push more recycling as they look long-range at the escalating cost of hauling away their trash.

Fan takes Ravens to heart

A Seattle man pays tribute to the Eldersburg native who provided his transplanted heart by donning Ravens apparel for an NFL football game.

State urged to boost anti-tobacco fight

Maryland is being urged to increase spending on tobacco prevention programs, which is nearly half the minimum rate recommended by the CDC.

Breast cancer screening urged

Some oncologists are urging wider genetic screening for a genetic mutation that has showed up in women with breast cancer.

Book closes on historic church

St. Peter the Apostle Church in West Baltimore hosted its last Christmas Mass as its is due to merge with two other parishes in February.

Boy wounded on city bus

A 14-year-old boy was wounded on a city bus, the fourth violent incident to occur on a bus within a month.

Home values in city rise 25 percent

Baltimore's property values are growing faster than anywhere else in Maryland, according to the latest reassessment notices.

Smile: You're on court camera

Baltimore County has started a video conference system to conduct bail reviews, beaming live images of suspects from the county jail into the courthouse and vice versa.

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