December 29, 2007

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The lottery results in Thursday's and yesterday's editions of The Sun listed the incorrect date for the winning numbers selected in Delaware's Multi-Win game. The numbers 02 13 24 25 31 33 were drawn Dec. 26.

In addition, the lottery results in yesterday's editions listed the incorrect date for the winning numbers selected in West Virginia's Cash 25 game. The numbers 07 09 13 15 17 22 were drawn Dec. 27.

An article in yesterday's business section incorrectly reported the number of retail locations operated by furniture seller Scan International Inc., which has filed for bankruptcy protection. The company has five stores.

An article in yesterday's Maryland section gave an incorrect date for the Pratt Street riot, when Massachusetts troops clashed with angry crowds near Camden Station, leaving several soldiers and others dead. The riot occurred in April 1861.

The Sun regrets the errors.

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