Power rankings

December 28, 2007

Where the Ravens fall in the latest power rankings:


No. 26: Troy Smith didn't set the world on fire in his first NFL start. But neither did he embarrass himself. Considering the state of the Ravens' offense this season, there's probably something to be said for that.


No. 26: It's officially a disaster. They have to fix that passing game for 2008 or it will be a disaster again next season.


No. 31: Ravaged by injuries and downright hideous play since late September, the Ravens dropped their franchise-record ninth straight game Sunday. Troy Smith started for the first time in his career and struggled, completing fewer than half of his pass attempts. He didn't have much to work with. Baltimore is quite possibly the worst team in the league heading into Week 17.


No. 29: Casualty reports are now in after the loss to Seattle. Both cornerbacks, still out. Ditto both tight ends. Ray Lewis, out. New casualty: Willis McGahee with two broken ribs.

ColdHardFootball Facts.com

No. 26: Derrick Mason has caught 97 passes, third in the NFL and more than Randy Moss (92), Reggie Wayne (92) or Terrell Owens (81), despite counting Kyle Boller, Steve McNair and rookie Troy Smith as his battery-mates.

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