Mr. Flip's Tube Tips

December 26, 2007

College football

Motor City Bowl 7:30 p.m. [ESPN]

It's Purdue vs. Central Michigan, and both offenses run the spread. Which is quite a coincidence, because - in the middle of a holiday run of fattening treats - you might be sporting a bit of a spread these days, too.


Wizards@Bobcats 7 p.m. [CSN+]

Just because Michael Jordan was on the court during a Charlotte practice doesn't mean he's showing up to try showing up Washington for his unceremonious departure from the organization.


World's Strongest Man 2:30 p.m. [ESPN2]

Taped shows of past competitions are running all day until midnight. If you don't get a twinge in your back watching these guys compete, you just aren't paying attention.

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