Passing on protection

Mr. Flip's Rants

December 26, 2007

Once upon a time, Mr. Flip played football. It was back in high school, and he played it quite badly. However fuzzy his recollection of those days is, though, he does recall the wearing of pads. And now he wonders whatever happened to them.

No, he's not wondering what happened to the specific pads he used to wear - Mr. Flip assumes those long ago disintegrated - but about the kinds of pads.

Take a look at your NFL stars on a given Sunday. Where are the knee pads? Do they wear hip pads? What's wrong with thigh pads?

Sure, some players are still wearing the pads, but so many are not. And that bugs Mr. Flip. If it was good enough for John Unitas, it should be good enough for the current crop of NFL players.

Call Mr. Flip old school, if you want. But this is a slippery slope. First, the pads go away. Next thing you know, a player is dancing in the end zone after scoring with his team down three touchdowns.

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