Hard to keep T.O. down

Bill's Rants


Regardless of how you feel about Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens, one thing is clear - if it's at all possible to play, he'll play. Even if it doesn't seem possible that he can play - as it did a few years ago when he suffered a broken ankle as an Eagle - he winds up playing, as he did in Philadelphia's Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots in February 2005. In fact, if the Eagles had won the game, Owens' performance (nine catches, 122 yards) might have earned him the game's Most Valuable Player honors.

So while the high ankle sprain that Owens suffered Saturday in the Cowboys' win over the Carolina Panthers would probably keep most players on the sideline for Dallas' first scheduled playoff game three weeks from now, you can count on T.O. being there. He might be insufferable, but he shows up to play.

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