Academic claims fail badly in argument against playoff

Mr. Flip's Rants

December 24, 2007

One of the arguments we used to hear about the absence of a playoff system at the highest level of college football is the negative impact of extra games on the academics of student-athletes.

Maybe that kind of talk is much quieter these days, with the ever-weakening argument focused more on preserving the bowl system for reasons that don't seem quite clear to Mr. Flip. (Corporations don't have enough sporting events to attach their names to?)

In any case, the lead-up to bowl games inevitably includes reports of Fred "40 Yard" Dash being declared academically ineligible to play in the Spacely Sprockets Greater Bedrock Bowl.

Mr. Flip isn't talking about the mess at Florida State, but just run-of-the-mill poor grades that sideline your leading receiver. This isn't an infrequent occurrence.

So maybe that means teams already are playing too much - in the regular season. But if there is an outcry about how a 12-game schedule plus a possible conference championship game put a strain on academics, Mr. Flip doesn't hear it.

Some people might still be pretending to be all concerned about college football players being able to finish their term papers. If that's the overriding issue, cut back to 10 games. No? Didn't think so.

Just do the playoff already.

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