David Steele -- Points after

December 23, 2007

Did you know that every year at this time, in the San Francisco-area media, Barry Bonds is seen and heard pleading for organ and bone-marrow donors to help African-American children who are difficult transplant matches? Bet all the people letting bygones be bygones with Brian Roberts because of his charity work didn't know that.

Here's some motivation for the Ravens: If they win their last two, starting today in Seattle, they'll become bowl-eligible.

In a just world, Bobby Petrino would have to sit out from coaching for a year, same as a player who transferred before his commitment was up.

Are you watching the bowl games? Me neither. That's a lot of meaningless football coming up. Including the game in New Orleans on Jan. 7.

OK, one bowl game did slip through, and man, Navy hasn't been the same since Paul Johnson left.

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