The Week That Was

December 23, 2007

Affordable housing is scarce

Baltimore County reported a sharp increase in requests by residents seeking the government's help with their rent, as affordable housing appears to grow increasingly scarce.

Roberts admits he used steroids

Orioles second-baseman Brian Roberts admits that he used steroids "once," in 2003.

Three arrested after aunt's plea

A week after a Baltimore woman asked for help in solving her nephew's killing, police, acting on several tips, arrested three men in the death of 17-year-old Glen Michael Stewart.

Dying boy's wish inspires

Workers raced to complete "Johnny's House" to fulfill the wish of a terminally ill Baltimore County boy that his family's home renovation would be completed. He did not live to see it.

Official under ethics review

A state purchasing agent might have violated ethics laws by implying a link between a nonprofit's fundraiser and vendor work, an audit says.

`Snitching' sequel going on sale

The producer of the street video Stop Snitching 2 says his sequel is educational, but police aren't buying it.

Mistake frees sex-assault suspect

A clerical error was blamed after a habitual offender walked out of the city detention center, although he was facing sexual assault charges.

Husband held in stabbings

Police said a man's estranged wife was the target of an attack at a Harford County business that resulted in the stabbing of four people, including the woman.

The region grows and prospers

The Greater Baltimore Committee's semiannual reports says the region is richer and more educated, but also pricier, more congested and struggling with fits of violence.

Mall shooter gets 65 years

A teen who fired a gun inside a packed Annapolis shopping mall last year, wounding another teen and a Secret Service agent, apologized before being sentenced to 65 years in prison.

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