Glimpsed! At Penn Station

Shoshana Zaslow

December 23, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,[Sun reporter]

The holidays are a great time to shine - literally.

Any other time, your paillette-dotted top or sateen skirt might look out of place, but during the holiday season, a little sheen is not just expected, it's more than welcome.

We like the way Shoshana Zaslow wasn't afraid to shine like a superstar, even while on a simple workday commute at Penn Station.

She could have been safe with just the handbag or the boots, but she added a bit of holiday gleam by throwing on a matching vinyl jacket. Shine on!

Age: 24

Residence: Pikesville

Job: Interior Designer

Self-described style: "A mixture of classy and funky."

The look: Black vinyl coat with puffed collar and tie belt. Purple corduroy blazer with pink stitching, worn over a purple long-sleeved T-shirt. Long black skirt. Tall, black patent leather boots. Black patent leather handbag.

Where it came from: Coat, Nordstrom. Blazer, Loehmann's. T-shirt, Banana Republic. Skirt, she can't remember. Boots, Loehmann's. Handbag, Target.

Warmth is her motivation: "I'm dressed for work, so I'm a little more formal than usual, with this little [purple] jacket. Honestly, in the winter I always have to wear boots because I love them and I like to be warm. Aside from being a fashion statement, it's also just kind of practical. The coat is also 100 percent down, so it's my cozy coat. I just need to be warm. I need to move to California."

No hair out of place: "I never feel fully dressed until my hair is perfectly done."

Number of kids? Two. Number of sweat pants? Zero: "I always hear people say that [it's hard to stay stylish with small kids], but I'm not like that at all. I like to get dressed. I'm not practical like that; I won't feel good about myself unless I'm dressed every single day. I can't just walk around in sweats. And if I get dirty, I just clean it."

Color-coordinated: "I love color. I tend to buy things that are very exciting-looking, very fun. My favorite store is Anthropologie. They have amazing color and amazing designs. ... I really dress every day based on how I feel."

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