Small business owners ignore workers at peril

Tips For Small Business

December 23, 2007|By Stephen L. Rosenstein

Small business owners are not always the best employee motivators.

Some are so wrapped up in operational issues that their people skills fall short. If your business already has employees or plans to hire them, these individuals will be critical to your success. You need to learn how to elicit good results from your employees without micromanaging every detail of their work.

Most business owners delegate work to an employee, only to find a finished task that isn't what they envisioned. In most cases, it is poor communication. Some people try to save time and manage by e-mail. Direct contact builds trust and rapport.

Establish your business mantra and keep repeating it. Instead of asking if an employee understood your instructions, ask what specific steps the person would take to complete the task.

Highlight the positive work an employee performs and correct mistakes without making them personal.

Strive to be a visual manager. The people who work for you deserve your attention. Make time for one-on-one as well as group meetings.

Stephen L. Rosenstein is co-chairman of Greater Baltimore, SCORE Chapter No. 3. Call 410-962-2233 to speak to a SCORE counselor or visit To send a question to SCORE representatives, e-mail

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