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Boston vise?

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December 22, 2007|By BILL ORDINE

So, tomorrow, opposites collide in the NFL. The unbeaten New England Patriots (14-0) vs. the beaten-like-a-scrambled-egg Miami Dolphins (1-13). But the contrast doesn't stop there. Here's the sports world tale of the tape (statistics as of yesterday).


Red Sox, World Series champions; Marlins, last place, National League East.


Celtics, lead their division, 20-3; Heat, last in division, 7-19.

College football

Boston College, 10-3; University of Miami, 5-7


Bruins, 18-12; Panthers, 17-16.

Final advantage: Boston sweep.

But, there's more to a region than its sports franchises, so let's examine further.

Architectural tourist attraction

Old North Church vs. Gianni Versace's house. Advantage: Boston.

Trademark seafood dish

Lobster vs. stone crab. Advantage: tie.


Sam Adams vs. mojito. Advantage: Miami (just barely).

Famous Road

Big Dig tunnel vs. Ocean Drive. Advantage: Miami (tide turns).

Urban sport

Street hockey vs. beach volleyball. Advantage: Miami (rally is on).

Gathering place

Boston Common vs. South Beach. Advantage: Miami (it's a rout!).


Yesterday, at approximately 3 p.m., Boston, 26; Miami, 78. Advantage: Are you kidding?

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