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December 21, 2007|By MIKE PRESTON

Do you agree with Billick's decision to kick a field goal with 12 seconds left in regulation and the ball at the 1-yard line? The offensive players were pumped and wanted to go for it. CompuCoach took the easy way out. Brian Personally, I would have gone for the touchdown. That's just me. That was a man-up situation. That's football. It comes down to one play and it's your best against my best. Winner takes all.

Now, with that said, I have no problem with Billick's decision. This was a team that had lost seven straight games. They needed something to hang their hats on, something to build on headed into next season. It's one thing for me to say go for it, it fails and I turn off the TV set. These guys practice all week. Billick has to make the flight back home with them. His decision was logical. He got the field goal. He won the coin toss and ran the ball down Miami's throat. When Matt Stover walked out on the field, I thought it was automatic, and the Ravens would win.

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