Rose might have a point about steroids, Hall debate

Bill's Rants

December 20, 2007|By BILL ORDINE

Pete Rose was scheduled to weigh in on the Mitchell Report on the Dennis Miller TV sports talker on Versus last night and, according to previews of the show, Rose made these points:

Steroid use, if true, has made a "mockery" of baseball and in comparison, the scandal makes him look like an "altar boy."

That if steroid users make it to Cooperstown, then Rose thinks he has "got to get a shot somewhere."

And that if steroid usage were common in his era, Rose believes he would have gotten 5,000 hits.

First of all, this is another example of Rose being his own worst enemy. Every time he opens his mouth, Rose paints himself as a victim of cruel and unusual punishment and the whining is getting so annoying, even the sympathetic among baseball fans are getting tired of it.

But here's an interesting point, I think. If admitted or proven performance-enhancing drug users are elected to the Hall, shouldn't that reopen the debate about Rose? His gambling sins, it is argued, are especially egregious and worthy of exile because the transgression goes to the issue of the integrity of the game. So aren't guys who cheated with performance enhancers - and who likely influenced the outcomes of games with that cheating - similarly guilty of assaulting the integrity of the game?

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