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Bill's Rants

December 19, 2007

So Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts admits that he took steroids just once.

Of course, we heard New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte say something similar right after the Mitchell Report came out.

Basically, both said that they tried something bad in a narrow time frame, and extremely sparingly. That they were not habitual users, they haven't done it in a long time and they're sorry.

It's just possible that some of these guys mentioned in the report are getting very good legal advice. And even if that's not the case, they're being smart.

Remember what Barry Bonds is really in trouble for - perjury.

Who knows where this baseball steroid thing is going? Maybe there are more prosecutions lurking.

Maybe some of these guys will be called as witnesses.

Maybe they're worried there's independent verification of what they did.

It would be foolish for these guys to paint themselves into a corner where they wind up telling fibs to investigators or a grand jury. That's more trouble than actually using the stuff.

So, is what we're hearing now the absolute truth, or a truth that will withstand potential legal scrutiny and still salvage a reputation? Do you even care?

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