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December 18, 2007

What others around the sports world are saying about the Ravens' 22-16 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday:

Edwin Pope

Miami Herald columnist

"Beating the Ravens wasn't that much. Baltimore has lost 10 games now and barely is a victim worth gloating over. But the Dolphins winning anything these days is worth at least a touch of celebration."

Michael Silver


On Brian Billick's decision to kick a game-tying field goal on fourth-and-goal from the half-yard line with 12 seconds left in regulation:

"Huh? I could perhaps see the wisdom in the coach's wimpiness if the Ravens were battling for a playoff spot, but Baltimore, at the time of his decision, was a 4-9 team with a seven-game losing streak. And Baltimore was playing the Dolphins , the team that had taken losing to a new level in '07. It gets worse: The Ravens have a power back, Willis McGahee, who, on his previous carry, had gained 11 yards on third-and-10. Rookie quarterback Troy Smith is a threat to bootleg as well. Now, I know that Billick appeared to get away with it, as the Ravens won the toss in overtime and drove into position for Stover's would-be game-winner. But if you're a Ravens fan, you have to be completely disgusted with the approach. And Billick's offensive players can't be thrilled that he didn't trust them to gain half a yard with the game on the line."

James C. Black


"Does Brian Billick care to reiterate that he's staying put? Ultimately, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti might strongly believe that Billick isn't most responsible for the team's eight-game losing streak, but how could he possibly tell himself `there's absolutely no better option' without at least exploring the matter?"

Peter King

Sports Illustrated

"I hate Baltimore's Brian Billick not going for the touchdown on fourth-and-a-foot late in the fourth quarter, choosing to kick a field goal to force overtime instead. Way, way too safe. That wouldn't have mattered if Matt Stover had made a relative chippy field goal in overtime. But I still would have gone for the win in regulation because it's a better strategic risk."

Jim Mandich

Miami radio personality and former Dolphins tight end

On the fourth-and-goal decision:

"C'mon, they're 4-9. What are you doing, saving it for the sock hop at the end of the game?"

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