Mr. Flip's Tube Tips

December 17, 2007



8:30 p.m. [ESPN]

You've been waiting to see Kyle Orton play again, haven't you? And Minnesota coach Brad Childress is worried about facing him. Childress said last week: "I'd equate him to a guy like Tony Romo, who sat in the back of the meeting room forever and was a sponge." Sponges, of course, are all wet. Which sounds about right.

Game show


8 p.m. [chs. 2, 7]

Why mention the debut of this trivia game show? The host is ESPN's Mike Greenberg. You think maybe the producers could figure out a Vanna White-ish role for Mike Golic?


Winning Holiday Cookies

9 p.m. [Food Network]

With "Winning" in the title, Mr. Flip figures there must be some kind of competition involved.

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