Winter workouts? Why bother?

Mr. Flip's Rants

December 17, 2007

Here's another bit of fallout from the Mitchell Report: an endorsement of indolence.

That's not to say Sen. George Mitchell's recommendations included sloth as a preferred lifestyle for major league players, but Mr. Flip figures maybe they should just save themselves the trouble.

Look at the options if you're Joe Big Leaguer:

You can sit on your couch all winter, keeping up with the antics of those kids on The Hills. What happens when you show up at spring training packing a Cheetos-induced paunch? So you have to sweat a little more and endure media reports about how you reported out of shape. Big deal.

You can be a workout fiend, rising early to get in some running, pounding ball after ball in the batting cage, hoisting weights until your body can't take it anymore. You show up in Florida looking buff. Then what? Everybody starts whispering about how you're on the juice.

Maybe we have all been too naive about past reports of players who packed on pounds of muscle in the offseason. But maybe now we'll be too cynical.

However, if any major leaguers out there need advice on shaping into round rather than rounding into shape, give Mr. Flip a call.

Or look for him in the snack food aisle at the supermarket.

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