Sunday law passe today

December 16, 2007|By MILTON KENT

You might have noticed that none of the Maryland public school teams in this weekend's Breezy Bishop Classic are playing today.

That's because of a long-standing Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association rule that prohibits Sunday games unless there's an extraordinary reason, say, to get in tournament games that have been previously canceled because of weather.

While Sunday blue laws were relevant at a particular time in our nation's history, they seem anachronistic and irrelevant now, especially given the way we live, with, in some households, multiple kids playing games at the same times on the desired Friday and Saturday slots.

Perhaps a solution would be to allow each school in the state to schedule one football game and up to two games in other sports per season Sundays with no game Sunday starting after 4 p.m.

Hey, the French are shopping Sundays now. Why can't Maryland kids play on Sundays?

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