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Rouse is being replaced as president of CA

December 16, 2007

As reported Dec. 20, 1971, in The Evening Sun:

James W. Rouse is being replaced as president of the Columbia Association by his corporate children.

Mr. Rouse, the father of the new city and president of the company that is developing the 15,000-acre area, is being toppled because Howard Research and Development, the association and citizens' group, wants a full-time man.

They express no dissatisfaction with Mr. Rouse's performance but want a person who can devote all his on-the-job time to policymaking and communicating with governments and residents.

Mr. Rouse will continue to sit on the association executive board with seven other members.

By 1981, the board will have seven elected representatives. It now has one, Mrs. Ruth Keeton. For every 4,000 families in the new city, another appointed member is replaced by a citizens delegate.

Columbia Association operates the recreation facilities in the new city and will eventually act as the top governing board for Columbia facilities.

[Paul McCardell, Sun researcher]

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