Success requires seeing client as a resource


December 16, 2007|By STEPHEN L. ROSENSTEIN

If you want your small business to succeed, selling is an essential ingredient.

The basic information on your buyers' habits is essential. When sales are strong, don't become overconfident. This may be the perfect time to step things up. Your competition will be watching.

The key to supercharging your sales is to develop good selling habits. It is important that your business approaches selling with a positive, service-minded attitude. If you take time to listen and ask questions, customers will start to think of you and your business as a valued resource, rather than a selling machine.

Do not be afraid to try a new approach from time to time. When operating a business in today's competitive world, the greater risk is thinking the status quo will suffice.

Try to adopt an atmosphere that embraces a can-do attitude. Sales efforts suffer when people start making excuses, whining about failure and believing that "no" is the natural state of affairs. Encourage the belief that appointments will come, sales will follow and success will be yours.

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