Ravens vs. Dolphins The Picks

December 14, 2007

This week's guest is Thomas A. Kiefaber, owner of the Senator Theatre.

Jamison Hensley

Ravens, 20-17

As long as the Ravens don't turn the ball over, they'll escape embarrassment ... barely.

Edward Lee

Ravens, 30-13

At least the Ravens players haven't quit on Brian Billick the way the Dolphins have soured on Cam Cameron.

Rick Maese

Ravens, 3-0

If the Ravens lose, there are a couple of people in purple who shouldn't bother boarding the return flight to Baltimore.

Don Markus

Ravens, 21-10

Finally, a team for the Ravens to beat.

Mike Preston

Ravens, 20-10

The Ravens are playing poorly, but not poorly enough to lose to this gang. Right?

Peter Schmuck

Ravens, 23-6

How low can they go? Not that low.

David Steele

Ravens, 16-9

Can't believe they didn't flex this one into the Sunday night slot. Must be that NFL bias against Baltimore.

Thomas A. Kiefaber

Ravens, 17-10

The Ravens must win this game so that they can party at the South Beach clubs afterward.

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