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December 14, 2007

Where the Ravens fall in the latest power rankings:


No. 25: A day after his team lost its seventh straight game, coach Brian Billick thought it was the appropriate time to announce that he will be back next season. You'll pardon Ravens fans if they're not exactly high-fiving each other about the news.


No. 26: After that loss to the Patriots, they packed it in against the Colts. Maybe it's time to see whether Troy Smith can be the long-term answer, although it won't happen this week.


No. 25: Talk about a hangover. Six days after nearly beating the Patriots in a Monday night thrill ride, the Ravens got absolutely destroyed by the Colts. Peyton Manning sliced and diced the Ravens, going 12-for-16 for 209 yards and three touchdowns in the first half to build a 37-7 lead. If there was any bright spot, it was the Ravens' final drive. Rookie Troy Smith looked fantastic leading the Ravens to a touchdown. Of course, it was against the Colts' eighth-string defense.


No. 28: Old football maxim: When you don't cover a receiver, he's going to score a touchdown, and next year you'll be watching the games at your girlfriend's house.

ColdHardFootball Facts.com

No. 25: The Ravens actually have more yards than their opponents this season (4,078-4,011).

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