Parents' Guide

December 14, 2007|By ORLANDO SENTINEL

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Rating -- PG

What it's about -- The rocking rodents find their way from the forest to the pop charts with their Christmas hit "The Chipmunk Song."

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Chattering chipmunks, juvenile jokes, bodily function humor.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- Kids deserve the chance to be kids. Even chipmunk kids. And family is where you find it.

Violence -- None.

Language -- Profanity-free.

Sex -- The Chipmunks perform with booty-shaking dancers in some scenes.

Drugs -- None.

Parents' advisory -- Surprisingly sentimental blend of chipmunk lore - parents may laugh remembering the chipmunks of their day, while very young kids will be tickled by the 3-D animated Alvin and company.

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