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December 10, 2007

In the businesses that Rudolph W. Giuliani built and bought these last six years, more deals have yet to be examined, more dots connected in the picture of his great financial success. But enough are there already, with lines between them, for a shape to have clearly emerged. It's a picture of a politician leading a parade, as Mayor Giuliani so often did. Only the marchers behind him aren't drum majorettes or wartime veterans or firefighters or police. They're a ragtag band of Texas lawyers and energy lobbyists, penny-stock sharpies and security-industry entrepreneurs, agog with visions of the ultimate pay-to-play presidency.

- Michael Shnayerson in VanityFair.com

Sorry, Joe Camel. We're on to you. A group of state attorneys general, including New York's Andrew M. Cuomo, are suing the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. over a nine-page advertising section in Rolling Stone magazine that supposedly promotes independent music but really seems designed to push the Camel brand. The states claim the section violates a 1998 agreement to stop using cartoons to target minors. RJR says it didn't see the illustrations before publication. Ignorance is not a defense.

- Newsday

Here's the thing that Mitt Romney can't say: The Mormon Jesus has about as much in common with Jesus of Nazareth as the Los Angeles Kings have with King Tut. They have the same name, kind of, and that's it.

Mitt Romney wants Christians to think that Mormonism is just another "brand." (He called it a brand last week in Manchester, N.H. Which is how most really devoted people talk about their faith.) But most Christians are pretty brand loyal. It's kind of important to them. They didn't just choose their church for the parking. They like to think they've put some thought into it.

- Chris Kelly, The Huffington Post

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