Glimpsed! In Federal Hill

Spencer Horsman

December 09, 2007|By TANIKA WHITE | TANIKA WHITE,Sun Reporter

Are we seeing a rebel without a cause right here in Federal Hill? Or is it just an illusion? It could be a little of both. Spencer Horsman is a magician and an illusionist who channels 1950s actor James Dean in his everyday life. From his teased-up hair down to his pointy-toed wingtip shoes, Horsman goes against the grain of popular trends, eschewing baggy jeans and sneakers for a more grown-up, retro-sexy look. One difference between Horsman and the brooding film actor: Horsman's rebellion has a definite cause -- great style.

Age: 21

Residence: Federal Hill

Job: Illusionist

Self-described style: "I'm a vintage freak."

The look: Cognac leather jacket. Block striped cashmere sweater. Graphic print T-shirt with black-and-white photographs of models. Brown pinstriped pants. Black Stacy Adams shoes.

Where it came from: Jacket was his grandfather's. Sweater from Nordstrom. T-shirt and striped pants purchased at a mall in Japan. Shoes from Just for Kicks, a downtown menswear store.

Vintage is new: "I like anything vintage. All my suits are pinstripes. I have a whole collection of wingtips. I usually have on either pinstripes or wingtips, every day."

Vintage shopping is all relative: "I don't vintage shop in Baltimore. I travel all over the country. Anytime I'm in a different city, I try to hunt down a vintage shop. But I don't always shop for my vintage clothes. Like this jacket belonged to my grandfather: It's probably 30 or 40 years old. And I have probably two dozen authentic vintage ties from the '30s, '40s and '50s."

James Dean-inspired hair: "I've been wearing this hairstyle since I was 6. And I don't use gel. I used to use gel, but now it's just muscle memory. It just does it."

Western clothes don't fit his personality or his frame: "When it comes to American clothing, except for a pair of Levi's jeans, I don't own probably a single piece. I'm a small-framed man, and American clothes are cut for someone much bigger. In Japan, I bought a whole new wardrobe when I went there. I'm going to China soon, which I'm looking forward to, and I plan on getting a whole bunch of custom suits made."


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