5 Things I Have Now

Lisa Anne Portera

December 09, 2007|By [LIZ ATWOOD]

SIXTEEN YEARS AGO, Lisa Anne Portera started Lisa Anne's Decadent Gifts featuring a large Granny Smith apple drenched in caramel, chocolate and toffee. She has since created other sweet treats, which she sells out of her store at 2121 N. Charles St. and online at theapplelady. com.

This time of year, it's a bit crazy, says Portera, who tries to greet her regular customers and still oversee the production of the hand-dipped apples. Every year, Portera offers new holiday flavors. This year, they are Hot Chocolate Apple and Cinnamon Praline Pecan Apple. After January, she plans to take the business seasonal. It will be open for the holidays in October, November and December.

The 40-something Portera lives in Towson.


A trip to New York

"Every year, I take my Mom and niece to [New York] to visit my sister and go ice skating in Central Park and visit the American Girl Place on Fifth Avenue."


A chocolate spa treatment at The Hershey Inn

"I did this last year, and I enjoyed it so much. It was so wonderful. And they had a wonderful tea room."


A trip to England and Scotland

"England is one of my most favorite places. I haven't been for quite a while. And I've never been to Scotland. I'd like to do it this time."


Three more sets of hands

We could have 25 people here, but it seems that this time of year you can always use an extra set of hands to help dip chocolate caramel apples.



"I feel like whenever it snows, it forces everyone to slow down. There's such a peacefulness, and it feels so soothing. I never think of the work of it."


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