Harford History

Building Harford Glen

December 09, 2007

On Dec. 7, 1854, Maj. Henry Hall died. From 1835 until his death, Hall owned 145 acres and a farmhouse now called Harford Glen.

Hall was a prominent citizen. Records show that in 1812 he was commissioned captain of the Light Dragoons, Maryland Militia. In 1824 he is mentioned as commander of the 1st Harford Troop of Horse, and in 1826, Hall is recorded as a member of the General Assembly.

Construction of the Harford Glen house probably began between 1815 and 1820. In about 1835, Hall added a stylish north wing, after which many of the extant agricultural outbuildings were constructed. The house and farm changed hands several times after Hall's wife's death.

In 1942, the federal government condemned the property and built Atkinson Dam to provide water to the Army Chemical Center. In 1948 the property was leased to the Harford County Board of Education for an environmental education center. The name, Harford Glen, was chosen from entries submitted in a naming contest.

[3Source: History of Harford Glen - A project of the Bel Air American History Club. Research by Harford County Public Library.]

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