Bill's Rants

Big steps for Everett and us all

December 08, 2007|By BILL ORDINE

This is less a rant and more of a hallelujah.

Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett is walking.

New reports make it clear he doesn't have a natural gait yet, but he's walking. To think that just three months ago when Everett's spinal cord injury occurred while making a tackle, the worry was whether he would even live and the chances for this type of recovery appeared incredibly remote.

But Everett got immediate, radical treatment when he got hurt. And we can hope the medical lessons learned in his case will help others who suffer injuries that are just as grave but occur under much more anonymous circumstances.

Awhile back, I learned the importance of that in a very personal way. During a holiday season 20 years ago, my wife was in a terrible car accident that caused severe facial injuries and, more distressing, almost took her leg. But doctors using relatively new techniques - some of which might have been honed in battlefield hospitals - made her whole, and, with hard work, she recovered.

So, we can all wish this misfortune suffered on an athletic field and the extraordinary treatment a football player received will provide the guidance to make others as whole as Kevin Everett is becoming.

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