`Father of the Bride' dazzling, hilarious

December 07, 2007|By Samantha Reichman | Samantha Reichman,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

The glorious sound of wedding bells poured forth from Long Reach High School's production of Father of the Bride and heralded the merriment and mayhem that inhabited the home of the Banks family.

The endearing performance told the heartwarming tale of Kay Banks and her overprotective father who is fraught with worry over the wedding, the fianc?, the guest list, and mostly the expenses. Will the pandemonium at the Banks' house prove too much for the bride and her father to bear?

The performances were first-rate. Margaret Erickson (Kay Banks) dazzled each time she bubbled with excitement about the wedding. Cameron Cox (Mr. Banks) used his playful humor to keep the audience in stitches, while his scenes with Kay demonstrated his tender, fatherly side.

Mrs. Banks (Amanda Allison) was flawlessly portrayed as the cool, calm and collected mediator of the family and brought indescribable warmth to the show. Buckley Dunstan (Dan Holt), the lovable fianc?, successfully shared his frustration of trying to understand women.

The supporting actors complemented the leads well. Danny Clemens (Ben Banks) and Christina Coffman (Tammy Banks), as Kay's two younger siblings, offered an enjoyable, wide-eyed view of life at the Banks' home. Delilah (Seong Hee Yoon), the Banks' maid, was hilarious. Her personal touches and timing made the role unforgettable. Miss Bellamy (Nancy Erickson), Mr. Banks' secretary, and Ms. Massoula (Becca Ballinger), the wedding planner, shed an entertaining light on the show.

The craftsmanship and design of the Banks' living area were impeccable. From the family heirloom grandfather clock in the corner to the color-coordinated cushions on the sofa, the construction of the set was well planned. The costumes, especially the magnificent wedding gown, befitted the time period. The casual wear of the Banks' family ensemble served to maintain the focus on the actors and not on their outfits. The expertly timed lighting cues kept scene changes smooth and flawless.

The marriage of the talented, engaging actors and the creatively, crafty crew of Long Reach High School's Father of the Bride was truly a match made in heaven.

Samantha Reichman, a student at Notre Dame Preparatory, reviewed "Father of the Bride" for the Cappies of Baltimore, a program in which students review high school productions under the direction of their teachers and vote on awards for outstanding performances.

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