Thursday wrong day for NFL

Bill's Rants

December 06, 2007|By bill ordine

Ask any NFL coach what he thinks of Thursday night football and - apart from the traditional obligations of Thanksgiving - he'll tell you, "No, thanks." Players, too.

But we're seeing more Thursday NFL games these days because of the opportunity for more prime-time television, and that's especially true since the NFL, in the guise of its own network, hijacked a handful of games for telecast, including tonight's Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears game.

Now, there's an additional issue of the Redskins having to play not only on a short practice week, as do the Bears, but also just days after burying teammate Sean Taylor.

The funeral was Monday. The Redskins had a walk-through Tuesday. And one, just one real day, of practice yesterday before going on the road for tonight's game. There had been some talk about moving the game, but here's the thing:

This is a mistake made by the league months and months ago when it decided it was OK to have more Thursday games because it worked better for the NFL Network.

Unless turkey is being served, Thursday football is a bad idea. In fact, you could argue it's dangerous because it forces guys to play banged up after just 96 hours when they've spent a professional lifetime developing a routine healing over the course of a week from bumps and bruises.

And there's only one reason: money. Again.

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