Hit the trail for fruitcake


December 05, 2007|By ROB KASPER

I am a fan of fruitcake. I used to make my own -- a process that required a lot of nuts, a lot of candied lemon peel, a sizable amount of molasses, and brandy.

As a result, I have a healthy regard for real fruitcake, and virtually no tolerance for would-be comedians who think they are so clever when they recite the line about fruitcake making a good doorstop, or how there is really only one fruitcake that gets passed from home to home.

Berger's Bakery

Address --Lexington Market, 400 W. Lexington St.

Phone --410-727-3685

Hours --6 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Brightly wrapped in red and green ribbons, this long, blond loaf, $3.99, was chewy and mild. It would, no doubt, get bolder if it were bathed in brandy.

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