The item last week about a dying tree and

December 04, 2007


The item last week about a dying tree and a homeowner's demand that the city take it down got people mad.

The photograph showed the tree on the front lawn of a rowhouse on Riggs Avenue in West Baltimore, and angry readers wanted to know why it was the city's responsibility.

"The city is going to remove a tree that appears to sit on private property," Paul Farley wrote in an e-mail. "Does the homeowner ... get billed for this service or do our tax dollars pay for it?"

Kia McLeod, a spokeswoman for the Department of Recreation and Parks, stood by the city's decision.

"Inspectors measured the site and pulled the plats," she said. "The tree, which has been removed, was within the City Right of Way."

The homeowner's complaint was legitimate, and so taxpayers must foot the bill.

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